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About Us

301 pictures ltd.

301 Pictures Ltd, an independent production company newly formed by writer/director Gregory Fishwick and producer Kristoffer Bubeck.

The Team

The people of 301 Pictures Ltd.

Gregory Fishwick - Writer _ Director.jpg
Gregory Fishwick

Writer / Director

+44 (0)7895 022 979

Gregory initially trained as an actor at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles before stepping behind the camera. His diverse experiences inform his work - he enjoys writing for actors and therefore aims to create character driven pieces. Dialogue is important to him, as are aesthetics and visuals and he strives to create innovative work that blends these elements and takes them to new, unique heights . But most of all, his intent is to tell a good story to as large an audience as possible.


He has written a number of screenplays, both features and shorts, all of which have been tremendously received on the international film festival and competition circuit. In addition to “Foxes”, “The Girl From The Village” and “A Town Dressed in Black”, other scripts he has penned include “Adele”  (a romance adapted from a Marquis de Sade short story - filmed), “The Man of Love” (a short romantic fairytale), “Goodbye” and “No Salt” (two short black comedies both filmed), “Half a Pack Dead” and “The Wild One in The Family” (two short neo noirs) and “The Canvas” (a thriller feature set in the art world which is set to be developed in the future.)


In 2018 he directed a short period horror “Death & The Widow” from his own multi award winning screenplay; that went on to win Best International Short at Austin Revolution Film Festival 2019 and was selected for the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival 2020 where it was nominated for Best Drama and Best Film of the Competition. It is currently in the hands of an LA based distributor and awaiting release.

Kristoffer Bubeck - Producer.jpg
Kristoffer Bubeck 


+44 (0)7947 782 944

Kristofer originally started life in the finance and pensions sector and obtained his business degree in management before transitioning into film, which has always been his passion, where he obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in digital filmmaking and screenwriting, respectively.

This makes Kristoffer a multi-skilled crew member, with wide-ranging experience from the public sector to the private sector, finance, pensions, and insurance. This enables him to look at each project with very different lenses. It is this experience that enables him to calculate potential problems at the inception of every project and devise solutions before the project has started, whilst also employing all the storytelling expertise he’s accumulated over the years with the skills developed in film school.

Kristoffer is also a prolific writer and a finalist in numerous screenwriting competitions across the world. After the success of a short audio-based narrative he moved into features, utilizing his project management skills, planning, and scheduling experience to good use on a series of projects in various stages of development, including “Foxes”, “The Girl From The Village” and “A Town Dressed in Black.”

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